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Research and Publications

Dr Swerissen conducts research on health and human services programs and policies. Recent research papers include:

Duckett, S., Cowgill, M., and Swerissen, H. (2019). Filling the gap: A universal dental scheme for Australia. Grattan Institute.

Swerissen, H. Duckett, S. and Moran. G (2018). Mapping primary care in Australia. Grattan Institute

Duckett, S., Swerissen, H., and Moran, G. (2017). Building better foundations for primary care. Grattan Institute 


Swerissen, H., Duckett, S., and Wright, J. (2016). Chronic failure in primary medical care. Grattan Institute


Duckett, S., Swerissen, H. and Wiltshire, T. 2016. A sugary drinks tax: recovering the community costs of obesity, Grattan Institute

Swerissen, H. and Duckett, S. (2014). Dying Well. Grattan Institute

A full list of research publications can be found here

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